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1. Fruit juice Processing Plant

A fruit juice can be considered a suspension of water, sugar acids, essences, vitamins, proteins, minerals, pigments, spectic substances.The juice /RTS preparation, processing & cleaning system offered by us are designed on the following requirements.Processing & filling of RTS drink in PET bottles of 250 ml, 500 ml, & 1000 ml.

Design parameters for Sugar Syrup preparation section:

  • Concentration-60-65 Brix
  • Capacity- As per requirements
  • Heating temperature-80deg C
  • Final temperature of the syrup-35- 40 deg C
  • Ratio sugar syrup to RTS juice- 150- 1000 ltr per batch

Design parameters for Blending preparation section

  • Raw material- pilp concentrated and sugar syrup
  • Final concentration of beverage- 15-18 brix
  • Agitation- 70 RPM paddle agitator

2. Pasterization/ Sterilisation

Heat treatment(Pasterization) section

Ved industries have designed the system for heating juice from 30 deg C to 90/110 deg C using closed loop hot water system. Cooling of juice from 90 deg to 72 deg C using cooling water tower @ 32 deg C and return cooling in case of diversion, from 72 deg C to 40 deg C using cooling water tower @ 32 deg C.Our system includes our Spiraton multi tube heat exchangers for heating, cooling and return cooling, instruments and controls for utility & product sid, stainless steel balance tank with level switches, stainless steel PLC based control panel, modulating type steam control valve (for both heating and cooling control), sanitary type imported flow diversion valve, centrifugal type product/ CIP pump, holding coil and other temperature / pressure instruments. Closed loop hot water system will have tubular heat exchanger for generating hot water efficiently. The hot water system will have all accessories like centrifugal type hot water pump and condensate valve set ups, expansion vessel, etc.

3. Homogenizer

Homogenization is a process which makes the blended beverages having uniform quality. It is not process part of the beverage processing but, product specific process where fibrous juices/pulps like Mango, Guava are ingredients. Ved Industries offer wide range of homogenizers with product specific homogenizing devices, to meet the process requirements.

4. CIP System Plant

Cleaning is very important to maintain the sanitary standards, especially in food and beverage industries. Cleaning the equipments, pipe lines, etc have standard procedures and sequence to be followed. To avoid manual cleaning of equipments and dismantling of pipelines for cleaning etc can lead in to time consuming and can delay in production, so, the concept of Cleaning In Place or CIP is introduced.The advantage of CIP is the pre determined sequences and cycles to the equipments and or pipe lines with set parameters like strength of solutions and temperature etc are generally called CIP systems. Number of tanks and flow rates are decided based on the nature of the process and size of the equipments respectively. Ved Industries offer single horizontal tank with 2, 3, or 4 compartment CIP systems with automatic, semi automatic and manual operation, having one two or three circuits, as per the requirement.

Engineering services to the Beverage Industries : 

Being very closely associated with the industry, for more than a decade, Ved Industries offer technical guidance regarding the utilities requirements and other engineering Support to their customers for their processing plants. Ved Industries has qualified, and experienced engineering team with upgraded CAD facilities


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