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Dairy Solutions

Ved Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality dairy machinery & processing equipments for production & storage of milk & milk by products like Paneer, cheese, yoghurt, Dahi, Lassi, Curd, ButterMilk, Flavoured Milk etc.
Modern manufacturing unit & qualified & experienced man-power has positioned Ved Industries as a premium turnkey solution provides for dairy Industry. Ved Industries provides a complete process solution with PLC based automation right upto installation & commission. 
  1. Pasteurization - Ved Industries offers complete solution for Milk Pasteurization.We offers fully automatic, PLC operated automatic system.
  2. Milk Processing Plants - Execution of market milk plants right from concept to commissioning, covering capacities from a thousand to a million litres of milk per day with as many variants as the market demands, We provide milk procesisng plantin high quality fabricated & dairy so as to provide for dependable usage in dairy indusrty.
  3. Milk Chilling Plants - Milk Chilling Plant offered comes in quality fabricated and construction finish so as to provide for dependable usage in dairy industry. We offer these chilling plants in different volume capacities.

Milk By-Product Equipments & System


Ved Industries provides complete process equipments which govern the quality of butter such as cream pasteuriser equipment, for cream pre-treatment, cream-ageing tank , butter silo, butter extruder and butter washing.


Ved Industries provides equipments for cheese industry, starting from raw milk processing, whey collection, processing and by-product systems including culture preparation systems to manufacture cheddar, processed or mozzarella cheese in various forms, and other varieties of soft and hard cheeses.

Ice-creams and frozen desserts

Ved Industries provides process modules, mix recipe formulations, mix preparation, blending, pasteurization & homogenization, chilling & aging systems for all capacities & varieties of ice-cream manufacturing.

Curd and yoghurt

Ved Industries has executed a number of installations, the largest one being a state-of-the-art PLC controlled curd plant of capacity 100,000 lpd. The process know-how, engineering and equipment design have been standardized for the manufacturing lines for curd, butter milk and cultured butter milk.

Indian Desserts/ Shrikhand/ Dahi/ Buttermilk/ Lassi

Experienced technologists from Ved industries are working on development of appropriate process technologies to manufacture variuos indian indegeneous cultural products such as shrikhand, dahi, buttermilk, lassi, etc.


Ved Industries offers complete solutions for the manufacture of paneer.

Milk Storage & Processing Equipments

Tanks and silos

Dairy plants require system for reception, processing & storage for keeping milk or finished products before packing or further processing. Milk storage tanks & silos are one of the key equipment in the dairy industry. These tanks are available in an horizontal or a vertical design suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. Storage tanks are designed & manufactured in flat or conical bottom & mounted on legs or structure.

Road and rail tankers

Road and rail milk tankers are an essential part of the supply chain of liquid milk. Ved Industries manufactures road and rail milk tanker barrels in single, two and three compartments in hygienic and aerodynamic design. These tankers have standard accessories such as manhole, outlet box, CIP nozzle, air vent, access ladder and insulation with polyurethane or polystyrene.

Flow systems

Ved Industries has a comprehensive range of stainless steel pumps, valves, fittings and other flow components to cater to food process industries. Its machine shop with CNC machines helps Ved Industries to produce highly reliable products. Ved Industries has a range of pipes and components such as bends, tees, valves, unions, clamps in sanitary configuration.

CIP Systems

Most of the processing industries in the dairy and food segments require an efficient cleaning system. These cleaning systems allow the cleaning of equipment, process tanks and piping without affecting the normal functioning of the processing plant. An efficient CIP system is a key indicator of the hygiene of the plant, ultimately helping dairies to improve their product quality.CIP systems are designed according to the process needs and the types of equipment to be cleaned. Ved Industries designs and supplies customized CIP systems suitable for multi-product application.


Ved Industries offers a wide range of services from consultancy to engineering and project execution, ensuring a remarkable efficiency and consistency in plant design and execution.Our project engineering group is equipped to execute large projects covering green-field as well as expansion of existing projects, right from layout, plant design, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, installation, final commissioning to the training of operating personnel.


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